Illustrations for a hundred years old bakery in Barcelona

For the last months I've been working in an amazing project. "El Forn Elias", one of the best bakeries in Barcelona, has turned up one hundred years.

I was very lucky to help them organize a huge party and create the image for the whole celebration.


Click to see it bigger ;)

The bunting,

the bakery: Forn Elias ,

a sign,

the shop windows,

a beautiful tote bag,

some delicious bread and the oven,

the aprons,

screen-printing aprons in Baobag ,

a poster,

a poster,


... and more badges.

... and more badges.

the party,

and... the photocall :)


 Imagine being forced to leave your family, your home, your friends,... everything behind... Risking or even losing your life on the way to freedom...

and then, when finally, after all the struggles, you arrive somewhere else... the place is a refugee camp...

The biggest lion in the world

This story, written and illustrated by me, has been published in El petit Magazín (The Little Magazine), number 7.

It is about the adventures of a lion and what happens to him once he leaves the circus he has been living. It is a tale about friendship, trust, prejudices, opportunities, feelings and... about a transformation :)

Hope you enjoy it :)


An animation... digital or not?

Some days ago I did this puppet whom I named Mynewme.  The most amazing of her is that she is made in two versions: the puppet toy one and the digital one. And the two of them are really animated :)

I had a really good time creating this GIF. The whole process is amazing. First of all, I did imagine my little story and then... I had so much fun putting all the images together.

And here I show you some images I'd created during the process:

But Mynewme puppet is having real fun too! She loves exploring nature,

Reading great books on sunny Sundays,

or choosing the perfect colour for her next illustration...

Hope you like it :)


This was my proposal for the poster competition for "La Festa Major de Gràcia 2016", the festival of one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Barcelona.

I did not win, but as my poster was between the first 30th,  now in a exhibition. You can visit it at Fundació Festa Major de Gràcia.

I had so much fun imagining the characters. They are three musicians making the decorations for de festival.

And this photo was taken during the exhibition opening. Hope you like it ;)

Feeling so good Screen printing

What can I say? I wish my day had more hours. So I could go further and further with some illustration techniques . I love this one.

The whole process is amazing! :)

Exhibition opening. 17th April. Barcelona.

Some of my work will be in the exhibition "Érase una vez...", in Barcelona, and I am very happy about it... :))


We've been working very hard. And...  everything is ready for today :)


And all my work is ready too :)


You can check all the information here: Érase una vez... >

Exhibition: From 17th March to 15th April 2016.
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, from 16.00h. to 20:00h.
Closed: from 19th to 28th of March. Sundays.

New character for a comic strip :)

I created this character for a comic strip, without words, for children.

But, where does he come from? Well... He comes from this beautiful picture that my son drew when he was five.  I love everything of this drawing :))) And when I was thinking of a new character for a comic strip I thought it would be a really beautiful idea to turn his drawing into a character.

Now, we only need to make up a name for him :))

And to say good bye, I couldn't resist but to show you the printing of the comic strip. I don't know why but I love paper :)))

Playing with stencils

Lately I've been working a lot with stencils. I love the textures I'm able to get with this technique.

And I've just finished this project. It is a book for the little ones, where children are invited to finish it with different ideas.

Now, I only need to find a publishing house that love this book as much as I do ;)))

Últimamente he estado trabajando mucho con stencils. Me encantan las texturas que se pueden conseguir.

Y justo he terminado este proyecto. Es un cuento para los más peques de la casa. Solo tendrán que terminarlo ellos mismos :)

Ahora sólo me falta encontrar una editorial a la que le guste el cuento tanto como a mi ;)))

Screen printing a cat person :)

It is the fist time I tried screen printing (or serigraphy) and I enjoyed it so much!

I did 12 printings of my Cat Person. All are the same but all are different at the same time. The amount on ink, the pressure... the whole process is amazing!

Cat Person, by Montse Clotet.

Es la primera vez que pruebo con la serigrafía y me encantó :)

Hice 12 copias de mi "Cat Person", todas iguales, todas distintas.

Espero que os guste :)


I love music - Ben Folds & Rufus Wainwright - Careless Whisper

A lot of time has passed since we listened to George Michael's Careless Whisper on the radio. At the time I was little girl, but I remember it perfectly.

So many years later I listened to Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright Careless Whisper and I absolutely fell in love with the song. I listen to it again and again on Spotify and also love the video on Youtube...

This is my tribute to the song and to Ben Folds and Ruffus Wainwright:

Hope you like it :) Thank you both for such great music :)

Enjoy the music! :)))


I have an elephant in my head!

Her name is Montserrat and when she was a little girl all she wanted was an elephant on her balcony.

My name is Montse and when I was a little girl I wanted an elephant too. I asked my parents, again and again, why we couldn't have an elephant on our balcony....?

Last week I presented this illustration at the First Novice Illustrators Contest Motamai, organized by Raig Verd and BiraBiro publishing houses and A peu, de pàgina book store. For the contest, we had to illustrate a character.

And... which was my surprise when I found out this?

I am really happy to be between the 5 finalists of the contest. :)) Thank you :))))))

Su nombre es Montserrat y cuando era pequeña lo único que quería era un elefante en el balcón.

Me llamo Montse y cuando era pequeña yo también quería un elefante. Les pregunté a mis padres, una y otra vez, ¿porqué no podemos tener un elefante en nuestro balcón?

La semana pasada presenté esta ilustración al Primer concurso de ilustradores noveles Motamai, organizado por las editoriales Raig Verd i BiraBiro y por la librería A peu, de pàgina.

Y... qué sorpresa al descubrir que mi ilustración estaba entre los cinco finalistas!

Muchas gracias a todos :))))

I love music - Dominique A

I listen music as much as I can. Always while I am working. Also in the car, at home... everywhere it's possible :)

At the moment I can't stop listening the last album of Dominique A, Éléor. I think it's fabulous. I discovered this singer many years ago when I fell in love with his album La Memóire neuve.

My two favourite songs of his last album are L'Océan and Éléor. On the links below you can listen the songs and... of course, I accompanied them with one of my drawings ;)

Dominique A, thank you for such great music!

Dominique A in concert, by Montse Clotet.

You can listen the whole Album on Spotify or Deezer

And here you can whatch Éleor's clip:

Acostumbro a escuchar tanta música como puedo. Mientras trabajo, en el coche, en casa.... siempre que me es posible :)

¿Os pasa que no podéis dejar de escuchar una canción? Estas últimas semanas no he parado de escuchar, no una canción, sino todo el último álbum de Dominique A, Éléor. Fabuloso!!!

Mis dos canciones preferidas son L'Océam y Éléor. Os dejo los enlaces a las canciones y, por supuesto, uno de mis dibujos para acompañar ;)))

I'm preparing a free printable calendar for 2016

As I have explained in my last post, I'm preparing an illustrated calendar for 2016. There will be an illustration for each month and it will be printable in DinA3 size, so you will have enough space to write notes on it.

Here I would like to show you a sneak peek of some of the illustrations I have already done.

I love you baby, by Montse Clotet.

Como os expliqué en mi último post, estoy preparando un calendario ilustrado del 2016para regalar. Tendrá una ilustración para cada mes del año y se podrá imprimir en DinA3, de forma que quede espacio para hacer anotaciones.

Aquí tenéis un avance de las ilustraciones que podréis encontrar en el calendario.

Loving pencils

These days I've been working a lot with my pencils and I have to say that I love them :)

In the past I have used pencils in my watercolour or acrylic works, but now I'm using them alone and it is so much fun! It's like being a child again :)

Little Red Riding Hat, by Montse Clotet.

I'm preparing a complete collection of twelve drawings for my free printable calendar 2016. I will show you more pictures in another post. I hope you like them :)

Últimamente he estado trabajando mucho con mis lápices y solo puedo decir que me encanta!!

Hasta ahora había usado lápices en mis trabajos de acuarela o acrílico, pero ahora lo estoy pasando muy bien usando solo lápices. Es como volver al pasado, cuando era niña :)

Estoy preparando una colección de 12 dibujos a lápiz para un calendario imprimible gratuito para 2016. Os contaré más en otro post. Espero que os guste :)

My experience at Bologna Children's Book Fair (Part 1. Before the Fair)

Some months ago I went to Bologna’s Children Book Fair. It was a really nice experience, but for sure not what I was expecting.

First of all, let me explain you that I’m totally new in the world of children books and illustration. I love writing and drawing but I don’t have experience in this field. But as I’ve been illustrating and writing seriously for two years now I though it could be a good moment for me to attend to the fair.

Several months before the Fair I planned everything I could. This way attending to the fair was not as expensive as it could have been.

Plane tickets

I booked my plane tickets several months before the Fair (in november), so they weren’t expensive at all. As I was flying from Barcelona, the best option for me was flying with Vueling.


Room in Bologna

I also booked a room at a nice price in a really nice location in the city centre. I highly recommend to book your room in october or before. Rooms can be really expensive during the fair so as soon you decide to attend to the fair, book your room.  


Free tickets for the Fair

Tickets for the Fair are free for illustrators if you send 5 original illustrations to be submitted to the Illustrators Exhibition. You need to send the illustrations several months before the fair (I think I've sent them in October).  In Bologna's Children Book Fair website you can find the therms and the information.


Interviews with publishing houses

Before the Fair I also tried to schedule interviews with some publishing houses. In the organization site you can find a list of all the publishing houses you can find at the Fair and in this list you will find their contact details (the list is form year 2015 but you can work on this list until the 2016 list is published).

In my case it was totally unsuccessful. I only got to book one interview in advanced.  First of all I thought that it was because I’ve never published before and I don't have contacts and probably it’s true, but once in the Fair I realized that many of the big publishing houses did not concede interviews with authors or illustrators (but I will explain this in another post about my personal experience at the fair).


And of course, I also prepared my portfolio and a bunch of brand new business cards. Everything was ready for me to go to Bologna :)

Hace tan solo unos meses asistí a la Feria del Libro Infantil de Bolonia. Fue una experiencia maravillosa, aunque no exactamente lo que yo esperaba.

Me encanta ilustrar y escribir mis propias historias y como llevo bastante tiempo dedicándome a ello con todo mi empeño pensé que podría ser un buen momento para acudir a la Feria y ver lo que se cuece en este mundillo.

Muchos meses antes de la Feria planifiqué todo lo que pude. De esta forma asistir a la Feria resultó mucho más económico de lo que pudo haber sido. Por este motivo os recomiendo que si estáis pensando asistir a la edición del 2016 empecéis a planificarlo todo ya. Los precios suben mucho a medida que se acercan las fechas de la Feria.


Billetes de avión

Reservé mis billetes unos cuantos meses antes de la feria (si no recuerdo mal en Noviembre). Como volaba desde Barcelona la mejor opción para mi fue Vueling.


Habitación en Bolonia

También reservé una habitación a buen precio en el mismo centro de Bolonia. Os recomiendo reservar vuestra habitación en octubre o antes. Los precios pueden ser realmente caros durante la feria.


Entradas gratuitas para la Feria del Libro infantil de Bolonia

Las entradas para la feria son gratuitas para los ilustradores si se envian 5 ilustraciones originales para optar a ser seleccionadas para la Illustrators Exhibition. Las ilustraciones se envian muchos meses antes de la feria (creo que las envié en octubre). En la web de la Feria del Libro Infantil de Bolonia encontraréis las bases y condiciones.


Entrevistas con editores

Antes de la Feria también intenté concertar entrevistas con algunas editoriales. En el sitio web de la organización se puede encontrar la lista de editoriales con sus contactos (la lista es del 2015 pero se puede trabajar con ella hasta que publiquen la del 2016).

En mi caso no tuve éxito. Solo conseguí concertar una entrevista. Primero pensé que el motivo era el no haber publicado nunca y no tener contactos en el sector, y probablemente sea cierto, pero una vez en la Feria también me di cuenta que las grandes casas editoriales no concedian entrevistas a autores o ilustradores (pero esto será el tema de otro post sobre mi experiencia en la feria).


Y, por supuesto, también preparé mi portfolio y mis nuevas tarjetas de visita. Todo estaba listo para ir a Bolonia, una experiencia que sin duda espero repetir en el futuro :)

Dreaming a poster

Some months ago I decided to draw a poster for Gracia's Festival Poster Competition, in Barcelona.

And this is it:


Gràcia Festival is famous because of the beautiful decorations of the streets (you can see some photos here) and my work intended to be a tribute to the neighbours that every year creates different magical scenes for their streets.

I did not win the competition, but as my work was between the first 30 now it is in a temporal exhibition in Gràcia neighbourhood and I'm very happy about that :)

In the exhibition opening I could listen two people talking about my work: ‘I like this one’ one said, and the other responded: ‘but it seems a drawing from a children book, don’t you think so?’. I was really happy listening that :)))

*From my sketchbook

And of course, if you are spending your summer in Barcelona don't miss Gracia's Festival :)

Hace unos meses presenté un cartel al Concurso de carteles de la Fiesta Mayor de Gracia, en Barcelona.

Las Fiestas de Gracia son famosas por sus calles decoradas con todo detalle. Mi trabajo intentó ser un tributo a los vecinos que año tras año se superan para crear escenas mágicas en las calles de este bonito barrio barcelonés. 

Actualmente mi trabajo se encuentra en el barrio de Gracia en la Exposición "Selección de obras del XXII Concurso del Cartel de la Fiesta Mayor"

En la inauguración de la exposición pude oir a unos paseantes que comentaban mi trabajo: "muy bonito" dijo uno, a lo que el otro respondió "si, pero parece un dibujo de un cuento, no crees?" :))

Falta poco para la Fiesta Mayor de Gracia. Si estáis en Barcelona este verano no os la perdáis! :)